Development Agency for COCODY Bay

100 000 000 $

The purpose of the development of the bay in order to improve the traffic at this nerve center in the Ivorian economic capital, which experiences the passage of 150,000 vehicles per day. In addition to the design studies of roads and also bridges we have established 3D simulations to visualize all the proposed scenarios. The project will also provide a lasting solution to the problem of flooding in COCODY Bay, improve water quality and reduce odor pollution on the site. This is the reason why great importance was given to the design of the area. Further to roads design, the project contains the construction of many bridges in road intersections:

  • Indenie Street North bridge

  • Indenie Street South bridge

  • Bridge of the northern highway

  • Bridge Fraternite – Matin

  • Cross roads Reboul

Also, 2 curved bridges are added over the bay as shown in the photo below. To be able to meet this objective, many types of bridges were used:

  • Curved Slab Bridge in prestressed concrete

  • Fly over bridges with Reinforced concrete

  • Prestressed beam bridge

  • Reinforced concrete beam bridge